View Full Version : Cannot install Kali Linux on Laptop with Windows 10 Dual Boot

2018-04-28, 23:05
Hey everyone!

I am unable to install Kali Linux on my MSI GE72VR 7RF Apache Pro laptop in a dual boot configuration. I can get as far as Installing the system which gets to about 60% then fails. I tried running a live USB and CD which both got stuck in a "A Start job is running for live-config contains...." loop. I also tried running Ubuntu live so I could use gparted but that wouldn't boot either. After some research I was able to get Kali Live to work by pressing tab and typing the "nouveau.modeset=0" command at the main options screen. This leads me to believe that Kali can work on this machine, but I am not knowledgeable enough at troubleshooting linux to know the next step. I am trying to install the Kali Linux 64-bit version that I downloaded from the official Kali website. Note: I have successfully installed on another laptop using the media so I don't believe that is the issue.

Here are some errors I pulled from the logs, but I am have plenty of diskspace so I am a little confused by this:

Apr 28 16:15:22 base-installer: error: The tar process copying the live system failed (only 275230 out of 338882 files have been copied, last file was ).
Apr 28 16:15:22 main-menu[1178]: (process:10814): tar: write error: No space left on device
Apr 28 16:15:22 main-menu[1178]: (process:10814): tar: write error: Broken pipe
Apr 28 16:15:22 main-menu[1178]: WARNING **: Configuring 'live-installer' failed with error code 1
Any suggestions?

I would have thought it was a video issue due to it booting live okay after the nouveau.modeset=0 command, but the errors seem to indicate an issue with the file system or storage. I have allotted 40GB of free space for the install on my laptop which should be plenty.