View Full Version : Custom Kali hashcat nvidia

2018-05-07, 22:06
I would like to create a livecd / ISO with kali that is built with Nvidia drivers and hashcat. I have run into several issues trying to turn off nouveau in the build.

I started by following the kali hashcat guide that disables nouveau and mesa on a full install but haven't been able to get hashcat to work at all using a standard live ISO or non persistent thumb drive.

Thoughts on how to build an ISO for this purpose would be great.

2018-05-08, 17:21
Preventing the drivers you don't want is the easy part, you have to blacklist them. I believe in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf (or any other file with .conf). The syntax is easy, just put one driver name per line.

2018-08-25, 14:09
I'm trying to do more or less the same thing and compile a new Kodi ISO with Nvidia drivers.
Were you able to create/compile with the Nvidia drivers? I'm trying to do the same thing but am not exactly sure how to do this.