View Full Version : Kali 2018 Hyper-V install

2018-06-03, 16:08
I've downloaded the Hyper-V image from this site (the one with the VHD file), after extracting it and creating a Hyper-V VM, it started then showed a black cursor and stuck there.

I assigned to it 1792 MB of RAM, Host is Win 10 Enterprise.

An installation from a MATE Iso worked perfectly, also the 2.2017 version of the Hyper-V image worked.

Any ideas?

2018-06-04, 13:30
Well, the easiest place to start is verifying the hash, to ensure you have a valid download. Was the hash ok?

2018-07-24, 08:31
investigated on the issue, and figured it out it is related to Hyper-V Manager supporting of Vm versions. my Win10 came with built in manager support up to 6.2 while the current available for downloan is VM version 8, so it is not supported in my machine.

and that require to update the windows

for reference for supported Vm version with Hyper-v

hash verified successfully.

when import VM and locate the extraccted folder " No virtual machine files found"

tried to create new VM and use the harddisck ".vhdx" Same issue as descriped on first post (black screen with blinking cursor)

am going to try same files on another machine to confirm the status