View Full Version : Best laptop to run kali on for $500.00

2018-06-19, 15:41
I don't come here often, but befor I spend $500 I would like to know what you guys think the best
laptop to run kali on and for pentesting, hacking in general. Here are a few I been looking at.

1. Lenovo IdeaPad 320
2. Lenovo ThinkPad T420
3.Acer Aspire E 15
4. Lenovo Y50

If you think another one is better let me know.
Thank you

2018-06-20, 07:48
A 'best laptop to run kali on' does not exist.

Some people are looking for a workstation to use hashcat, some for a mobile device with long battery life. A bright full hd display can be useful for Kali, too.

I love Thinkpads. The T420 is a well build machine, but it doesn't even provide USB3.0 (not needed for Kali use).

2018-06-20, 15:38
I have a Lenovo ThinkPad L530 that I've been using for years. Serves me well for general security work.

2018-06-23, 01:43
I use Acer aspire E15 its great 4gbs Ram is nice upgradeable to 8 if ya really need to.
Hdmi port
2 2.0 usb ports
1 3.0 usb Port
Battery runs well over 5 hours

2018-06-23, 17:10
Thinkpad T420. Others sound like tablet-like laptops and are generally poorly supported (due to limitations on how they were built).

2018-06-26, 13:13
Agree with Mister_X on tablets...definitely stick with laptops or PCs.

Net Storm
2018-10-03, 10:14
Up to this point I've been using Kali on either VMs or a USB Live distro. I'm looking to purchase a laptop for a dedicated install, but have found it difficult to find information on what are actually good compatible laptops for Kali currently.

I don't have a ton of restrictions. Main things I want are

1) Highly compatible/Least issues to setup
2) Cheap is good
3) More USB ports is better

lenovo X220 its the best laptop 3 USB ports 1 usb3 2 usb2 one of them always on even of laptop shut down sd card reader
great keyboard and the most ((( important ))) thing the bios its unlocked
whitlist removed from the bios and advanced menu bios enabled
you can add any wifi card or wwan card brand not restricted to any brand or kind , 2 pcie slots you can modify the laptop to 3 pcie slots
16gb ram 1866 MHz and you can modify the screen to 13.1 screen (2K)
other brand laptop bios locked and whitlisted you cant add any wifi card or ram

for me i added wifi card inside of my laptop 2.4GHz and 5GHz capable of packet injection
and the laptop very cheap

only these two models X220 X230

Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz
Memory 8051MB
Machine Type Notebook
Operating System Kali GNU/Linux Rolling
User Name root (root)
Date/Time Sun 30 Sep 2018 04:33:46 PM +03