View Full Version : kali linux 2018.2 amd 64 live usb isnt booting

2018-07-28, 15:50
im having a problem booting kali linux 2018.2 live on my loptop. im using an asus x55a laptop running windows 7 home premium. my problem is that kali linux would only load to the boot menu and when i select to run it live it says "error: invalid magic number and error: you need to load the kernel first". any help?

2018-07-28, 20:09
Verify the checksum of the ISO

2018-07-30, 16:31
I already did that. The problem is my flash drive because I created a bootable DVD and its working real good on my loptop.

2018-09-17, 21:50
What you have to do is write the image in DD image mode when you burn it to the USB use Rufus or something similar then it will work!