View Full Version : How to make sure USB sticks mount as read-only on a Kali install?

2018-08-01, 19:47

I'm sorry if you've already got this question a million times, I've search the forum and also googled, but I wasn't able to find an answer.

I've installed Kali on a laptop that I'm using for education, and I would like to change the default behaviour so that USB sticks are mounted as read-only by default, in order to examine evidence and prepare an image using Guymager.

Normally on Windows I would set a registry key that acts as a software write-blocker. Is there such an option on Kali?

I know I can re-mount the USB stick as read-only, but at that point it's already been mounted read-write and potentially compromised the evidence.

This is for a course, so I'm working with ACPO guidelines.


2018-08-02, 18:07
This is some generic linux question. Have you tried a search engine? I found this that could be helpful: https://superuser.com/questions/196764/auto-mount-usb-drives-read-only

Another thing: Kali has a forensics mode. Boot in that and I'd assume the disk would be mounted read-only.

If you really want to do forensics, know that there are hardware tools called "write blocker" to do exactly that.