View Full Version : How to create the main partition 10GB instead of 2.8GB for Kali Live USB

2018-08-20, 06:51

Help me create the main section for 10gb instead 2.8 Gb.
In Windows and Kali main partition is created fixed 2.8Gb and unknown partition - HPFS

In Windows I create USB with Rufus in DD Mode.
In Kali create USB from Terminal command line
dd if=kali-linux-2018.2-i386.iso of=/dev/sdc bs=512k status=progress
Also tried cfdisk for resize main partition but don't save made changes.

How to extended or create new main partition with size 10Gb?

2018-08-20, 10:27
Use gparted an resize it

2018-08-20, 11:01
When I kill boot partition of 740Kb and get all free space in gparted don't show resize. And how
How I resize the partition if there is no command in the menu to resize the partition?

2018-08-20, 11:29
Use gparted an resize it

Or parted
Idealisticly 10Gb
10 000 000 000
10 billion bytes
So expand drive to 10 billion bytes.

2018-08-22, 09:35
Do you see in this context menu riseze?

2018-08-22, 13:52
Open terminal type

2018-08-26, 19:29
When I open the terminal when entering the command parted it asks for the administrator password.
What is the administrator password for GParted Live CD? I found one but don't work - sudo

2018-08-27, 01:18
I use parted or fdisk within kali.

2018-08-27, 08:07
I know how to use the partition tools for marking partition the hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, etc. And here is the fixed size and the unknown file system.
It does not matter which OS Windows, Linux or boot disk with utilities for working with hard disk partitions, flash drives.
I can create the necessary size section and file system, but when I create a flash from the image, everything will be deleted and a fixed section will be created.

2018-09-13, 07:04
So I got your solution
(parted) resizepart
Partition number? 2 enter your partion you want resized the kali obviously. fdisk -l wwill give u what it is.
End? [245GB]? size you want it to be leave couple hundred Mb

let it resize it shouldnt delete your install.

2018-09-13, 13:33
When I use (parted) no data loss and system boot normal.
I successfully changed the size from 3.2GB to 9.8GB, but the system uses 3.2GB and the disk is full 100%
I figured out this when I installed updates and a few times there were reports of a lack of space on the disk.