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2018-09-03, 07:33
Hey there, hope someone can help me, I've been a Kali user and abuser for a little over a year now, not a noob, but not a great magic worker either, I can kinda hold my own and get by, cause it's Linux.
Now, the problem I have is this, it's drivers for wifi dongles.
You see, here is the question though, when wi-fi hacking, I have 2 different TP-Link adapters that have, Ralink chipsets in them, the TP-Link TL-WN722N v5 and the TP-Link TL-WN821N and for no love or toiling sweat or forum searching have I been able to find a way to get these b@$t@rd$ to go into monitor mode, if I can get Kali to recognize them at all.
Please see below:

Here's the thing about the forums, they just shuffle you off to download a GitHub G++ make driver, and when I do that, still nothing, I can see the wi-fi adapter, it can catch wi-fi, but it will not switch to monitor mode.
I have an Atheros chipset in my PCIe wireless card, which Kali picks up on initial install, which goes into monitor mode quite happily, but not the TP-Link adapters...
Am I doing something wrong?
Does Kali just not like Ralink chipsets?
Cause this is really grinding my gears...

2018-09-03, 15:42
If I am not mistaken the TP-Link WN722N has to be V1 for it to be compatible with monitor mode and packet injection.

2018-09-03, 16:29
I have WN722N V2. it works in monitor mode. Not sure about V5.
You might want to try using the IWCONFIG to get into monitor mode instead Airmon-ng.


2018-09-03, 17:15
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2018-09-03, 23:59
A few things:

- echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is not needed. It is used when setting up linux as a router (1 will tell the kernel to forward packets, 0 will disable that; then you use iptables to set-up the forwarding between interfaces). Ne'eman, you are incorrect in your explanation, it has nothing to do with wireless connectivity
- What is the version of the TP-Link TL-WN821N?
- Could you paste lsusb output?
- You need, as stated on the main page of aircrack-ng, kill the network managers BEFORE putting the card in monitor mode as they can interfere with monitor mode and change channels
- I'm pretty sure the driver is already in the kernel
- Next time, please paste the text from the picture instead of linking the picture in a code block
- Did you test plugging the adapters and running airmon-ng without any arguments to see if they were shown? Most of the time, drivers are already in the kernel.

2018-09-10, 15:11
As bchuck (https://forums.kali.org/member.php?76305-bchuck) said.you should buy a WN722N-V1

2018-09-13, 22:50

2018-09-14, 06:50
the 821n can turn into monitor mode but the raspberry didn't recognize the driver and if try to manualy install it the makefile didn't recognize the distribution