View Full Version : Kali linux it does not find a WiFi network

2018-09-18, 18:47
Hi guys,

Lately I downloaded kali linux amd64 on Virtual Box, I was able to enable wlan0-wlan1 and surf the internet with Kali. But the problem is that it does not find the other wifi networks available "No Networks".

Is it a driver problem?

Or a problem for how I configured the network on VirtualBox?

As a Wi-Fi adapter I have Tp-Link
Model: TL-WN727N
802.11n USB Wirelesa LAN Card.

Thank you so much to those who help me to solve.

2018-09-19, 00:48
What's the version of the TL-727N? Each version has a different chipset. Some chipset work out of the box, some are too new. If you don't know, post the output of lsusb.

2018-09-19, 12:21
I checked
Is: TL-WN727NV3

2018-09-23, 17:45
Hey guys, I have a some type of same problem, i have TP Link WN721N USb WIfi Adapter. I was used in window 10 its working fine, recently i install kali linux on virtual box and tried to connect the USB adapter there and its worked.

But the problem is that when i connect to the linux on Virtual box then its disconnect from Window and when i tried to connect on window so then its disconnect from virtual box.

Is there any way that can i used internet at same time on virtual box and Window ? i already tried bridged method and several other method but no luck.

I hope you legends are some kind of a solution.

**Pardon me if i did something wrong, I am new here**


2018-09-27, 22:09
Yes, bridge is how you do it with Internet on the host (Kali VM is the guest). It should automatically choose the correct adapter. You can also force it.