View Full Version : Is Kali Linux really safe against tracking?

2018-09-19, 18:57
Hello, I have a giant problem since 4 days and I can't handle it, I had an anonymous fb account and they discovered me and asked me for the cell. Since there I tried Tor, Tails, VPN (I used and currently use NordVPN) and now kali encrypted persistence. After creating the persistence, I log in NordVPN server, run firefox with noscript, no tracking and https everywhere, create email and fb account, shut down and after 5-6 hours I get kicked and they ask me the number saying they noticed unusual behavior (I didn't anything, just signed up). So my question is: is kali linux enough safe to be untraceble? Am I doing any mistake? Notice that I'm connecting to internet through my phone using tethering, can be that the problem? Should I ran kali in forensic? Thank you.

2018-09-20, 11:57
I think Facebook can detect whether you are using VPN or not, specially if its a free version where IP is very frequently used by many of users at the same time.

2018-09-20, 14:07
I've not had any tracking issues with Kali. Are you doing info security work over your phone connection? If so, that would account for your phone provider's behavior.

2018-09-20, 16:35
your creating facebook accounts? its because your logging in over tor and vpns etc. FB considers that not "usual" traffic. So they will ask you to verify you are human via a phone text usually and not some script. thats all. So either try just the vpn, or a different way of anonymizing yourself. Tor will for sure set FB to ask you to verify your a person via cell. it has nothing to do with tethering your phone. Its the fact your coming from Tor, FB considers that suspicious traffic