View Full Version : TL-WN722N v3 Wifi Adapter support?

2018-10-07, 06:08
Hey guys,

So I recently wanted to get into some Wifi exploitation, So I went out and bought a WiFi adapter that could be used with Kali. I purchased the TL-WN722N and got home and found the drivers online and installed them and etc.. WiFi was working with the adapter but when I went into using airmon-ng,airodump I could not get the adapter to go into monitor mode. The version of the TP-Link Adapter is v3, All that shows up in "airmon-ng" is "8188eu" which is the adapter but when I do "airmon-ng start wlan1"(8188eu) Nothing happens No monitoring(wlan1mon). So was wondering if anyone else had an issue with the v3 of this wifi adapter.


2018-10-07, 18:21
That's a vendor driver. No vendor driver support monitor mode, so you'll have to buy another supported adapter.

You can check the FAQ of Aircrack-ng, there are a few adapters recommended.