View Full Version : Noob Help 722N v3

Controls Geek
2018-10-15, 04:42
So I managed to install Kali Linux in a virtual box on my Win10 machine without any issue. I also updated Kali to the very latest version. I did a quick google search for a good USB wifi adapter so I can play with AirCrack-NG, several articles recommended the TP-Link TL-WN722N, because it has monitor mode, port injection. Well, it didn't work, so I googled it again and discovered that the Wifi Chip has to be V1 in order to work with the latest addition of Kali, and adapted is V3. Well, I'm only out 14 dollars, but I do not want to make this mistake again, will someone please point me to a network adapter that has monitor mode, port injection, and that is for shure working with the latest version of Kali Linux? Thank you very much for the advice.

2018-10-15, 22:36
Check the Aircrack-ng FAQ, there is an entry about it.