View Full Version : RTL8812BU Chipset for Wireless Connection

2018-10-18, 12:16
Hi everyone,

I currently started a beginner Hacking course and it requires a wireless adapter. I went out to purchase one, but instead of getting a RTL8812AU, I got a RTL8812BU :(.

I've trying to get it to work with Kali. I was able to only fine two methods and tried them all, but nothing.

Method 1
Downloaded a folder named compat-wireless-2010-06-26-p.tar, executed it. wlan0 & wlan1 showed up, but no networks were detected and it disappeared after restart.

Method 2
Downloaded folder from Github (ulli-kroll/rtl8822bu), use make command in the terminal, a whole bunch of codes ran but got this when I use make install.


Kali Version: 2018.3
Kernel Version: 4.17

I did a little digging and it seems RTL8812BU would work on Linux (at least Fedora), but since I am a newbie to Linux in general, I have no idea if it would work on Kali. So, just wondering if I could get it to work on Kali somehow, or do I need to go but another adapter?

I am trying to learn this as much as I can, so thanks everyone for the help.

2018-10-20, 17:45
It compiles just fine. Simply update your system: apt update && apt dist-upgrade, then reboot and install linux-headers which will pull the required dependencies.