View Full Version : Kali on Celeron Compute Stick

2018-11-18, 13:44
Hi all,

Has anyone had any experience of installing Kali on a compute stick? I know the Atom processors are pretty under powered but I cane across a Celeron Compute stick (https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/liliputing.com/2017/11/ca98-is-a-100-pc-stick-with-celeron-n3350-dual-core-cpu.html/) just wondered if anyone had tried it?

I'm looking for a small pc I can use with my tv for some lab stuff so I'm open to suggestions


2018-11-20, 21:43
As long as it can boot on a USB/external CD, it should be fine but it's untested.

Other suggestion: Raspberry Pi 3B+