View Full Version : How do I use an External HD on Kali?

2018-11-24, 01:37
Hello, I have Kali Linux 2018.4 64-bit on VMware Pro 15 and Windows 10 Host. I am trying to use my Bipra 160 GB External Hard drive on my Kali VM. I can connect it to VMware but it doesn't show up in Kali. I tried fdisk -l and it doesn't show up. I tried formatting it to NTFS and Exfat in Windows. Doesn't show up. Also, nothing in "disks". Just my Kali Hard Drive and CD ROM Drive. So how can I use my External HD on Kali? Please reply. Thanks

2018-11-24, 16:47
Check VMware documentation next time.

In this case, VM menu -> Removable devices -> Select your HDD