View Full Version : What should I do ؟

2013-05-04, 16:45
When you try kali to run from USB Drives me this error appears as image
As well as when I try to install it on disk storage

What do I do?


2013-05-05, 08:06
Maybe give us some more details ? and a better error output ?

2013-05-06, 18:51
error : timeout: killing ,/sbin/modprobe

When I try to run kali
Flash Memory error appears as the image and thus continues for hours
And you install kali
On the hard drive and the operation was completed successfully, but when you start
This error appears the system is not working

Laptop device type : ASUS M50V

2013-05-10, 13:23
You have to be more specific about error..Not just error:timeout: killing....

Flash memory error?..Is that an error ?..Can you place a pic of that error?...