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2019-01-17, 09:20
Hello friends,

Too long time ago one of member asked for External GPU to use for cracking pwd of handshakes:


Thread: External GPU
2015-07-26 by mmd604

Has a anybody used an external GPU with Kali linux.
I have a macbook and run kali in virtual box. Anyways i was looking at the thunderbolt eGPU.
I know this is probably a stupid question but is there any reason this would not work.
I searched forums and could not find answer


But no any reply received so far ... pitty ...

As understand under Windows for games already used long time but haven't found anything
for Linux.

Ideas to connect to Lenovo-X220 i7 16 Ggb external GPU nVIDIA GeForce 670 GTX
using PE4L-EC060A PE4L-EC060A (www.hwtools.net/eGPU.html (http://www.hwtools.net/eGPU.html)) unfor no Linux support advised.

https://d.radikal.ru/d05/1901/0a/0b7ccb154a1c.png (https://radikal.ru)

Most info for eGPU here is http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/diy-egpu-experiences.418851/

Either anybody have experiance to use EGPU at Kali Linux?

https://a.radikal.ru/a40/1901/a1/94fd00c56aaa.png (https://radikal.ru)


2019-01-17, 15:33
If there is no support for Linux, then it won't work with Kali because Kali uses Linux.

2019-01-18, 05:29
Express Card Adaptor that converts PCI Express 1X add-on Card to ExpressCard no drivers required , only drivers of external GPU card to be used,
presume no problems for that...
Googling found tt already working Adaptor PE4L V2.1 под express card + GPU 9600gt under gentoo, 3.11 at thinkpad x220