View Full Version : Help with windows Minimizing

2019-01-22, 03:09
Would someone tell me the setting that will help me??
when i move my mouse over to the (left top <----) go back arrow to a previous page in my Browser
90% of the time my browser goes to minimize state, (drives me nuts, lol)
and i have to hit Maximize again.
of course i am running kali linux

2019-01-23, 01:31
Dont push the mouse into the top left corner. Which will minimize nd show you what windows you have open.( of the kali linux desktop)

2019-01-23, 14:46
I think that's a gnome-specific feature. May not be present in other GUIs

2019-01-24, 10:27
I think there is some problem in your mouse.

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