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2013-03-22, 10:21
Hello guys :D
I found your site ( and your distro ) just two days ago.
First of all many thanks and compliments for your porting of Backtrack, from ubuntu to debian :)
after this, many thanks also for your images based on ARM architecture, talking about that I would ask you a little question, is it possible to install your distro on an Hackberry A10?

It's a little board similar to Rabsperry Pi with:

CPU 1.2GHz Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex A8
GPU Mali400 with hardware 3D acceleration and hardware video decoding
Networking 10/100 Ethernet, Realtek 802.11n WiFi
Memory DDR3 512MB / 1GB, ~100MB is reserved for the GPU
Boot Boot from SD card and internal storage via u-boot
Digital video output HDMI up to 1080p (cable not included)
Internal storage 4GB NAND storage.

may I simply try to install kali-linux-1.0-armhf.img.gz on an SD card or it wouldn't work?

many thanks for your attention and best regards


2013-05-07, 20:39
Same question ! :)

2013-06-12, 13:59
and .... same question ...

2014-05-03, 07:33
I believe cubieboards "one" uses the same allwinner A10. You could find an image here (http://linux-sunxi.org/Bootable_OS_images). I havn't tried it, I have no cubieboard.

2014-06-02, 10:01
You could try modifying the script for the cubieboard2 and build one for the hackberry. https://github.com/offensive-security/Kali-ARM-Build-Scripts You will want to follow the README.md and then you'd want to modify the cubieboard2 script, changing line 187 to point to the correct script.bin - at some point I'll make a comprehensive Allwinner image that you'll just select what board you have, but for now, you'd need to do it yourself. There is no ETA but I can say that it's not anywhere in the near future.