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2019-02-26, 13:37
Following steps in 'Linux Basics For Hackers' (no starch press) and installed Kali in a VirtualBox on my PC. Working through some of the steps in the book for installing additional software and while running the command:

./configure --enable-sourcefire && make && sudo make install

got the following:

configure: error: in '/root/snort-2.9.12':
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
See 'config.log; for more details

In config.log found the following:

configure: 3462: checking for gcc
configure: 3492: result: no
configure: 3555: checking for cc
configure: 3602: result: no
configure: 3658: checking for cl.exe
configure: 3688: result: no
configure: 3712: error: in '/root/snort-2.9.12':
configure: 3714: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

Here is the result of 'echo $PATH':


On several web-sites the supposed solution was to run:

apt-get build-essential

but that simply returns:

E: Invalid operation build-essential

I do find the following directory:


What am I missing?


2019-02-27, 14:52
To answer your question, you need to specify a command for apt-get: "apt-get install PACKAGENAME", so "apt-get install build-essential"

Just FYI, snort exists as a package, and the current version is v2.9.7.

2019-03-01, 00:48
Weird my install is preconfigured with compiler gcc. Did you uninstall it or?

2019-05-04, 16:57
Could it be solved by "apt-get clean"?This should delete cache too, but I am not sure.