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2013-05-05, 21:17

im having issues installing kali 32bit from USB

i can run it live and things work fine, iceweasel dosent seem to work though (says launching then disapears). anyway, when i try and install it i get a message saying my kernel needs adjusting.



i tried to install and it failed at "installing the system" (not base system)

ive looked around for help and so far ive come accross nothing but this - http://docs.kali.org/development/recompiling-the-kali-linux-kernel

im not new to linux but ive never done anything like that. does kali have to be installed before i can do that? is there any other way to do it other than this?

any help will be appriciated


2013-05-06, 09:16
I also ran in the same issue as this (kernel version not matching up - x86 1.0.3).
I posted the issue in the IRC channel - but forgot to file a bug report about it (will do that now).

In the mean time, you can install Kali-linux still by the boot menu (both graphical & command line install) - just can't install it in a live environment
Restart the machine, at the boot menu - scroll down a few options instead of selecting the default 'live boot'.

Bug report: http://bugs.kali.org/view.php?id=345

2013-05-06, 13:07
thanks for the reply.

ive tried installing without a live boot (graphical) but it still fails at "installing the system". ive tried a fresh download too. tried installing from disc and usb, could it be my laptop? it is an old one although i used to run BT5 on it.

"installing the system" part of the install from the disc got to about 75% but from the usb it only managed to install about 1/3 of "installing the system"

2013-05-14, 15:49
there ia a problem in your file or bootable kit.