View Full Version : ctrl-alt-T?

2013-03-13, 21:29
'Old' workflow in BT was hitting ctrl-alt-t for new term windows.

That seems to be missing and I can't find a working hotkey tool.


2013-03-13, 21:59
The hotkey for a new terminal window is Ctrl+Shift+T instead of Ctrl+Alt+T.

2013-03-14, 03:58
You can also bind what ever shortcut you want to the terminal.
Just go to Applications-> System Tools->Perferences->System Settings
Then go to keyboard and click on the shortcut tab and go down to custom shortcuts
Add a new short cut name it what ever you like and for command enter gnome-terminal
Finally click the row and hold down the new keys or press Backspace to clear.

2013-03-14, 20:15
Well yes, you can, but what's the point in changing it?

And since Kali is used as live cd most of the time, you'll have to do this over and over again(well, or build your own ISO 8)).

2013-03-15, 12:55
yeah , i don`t like this new ! why changed ? Ctrl+Alt+T so easy for use ! :confused:

Backtrack Dragon
2013-03-16, 14:06
Thank you for the information .. now it works in my linux :D