View Full Version : New builds terminal

2019-05-24, 02:59
I was having troubles with the newer builds of nethunters terminal launching. Luckily i had a older build terminal on hand which i installed which launched great. Any known reason why newer terminal is not launching?

2019-05-24, 09:42
That should not happen. What device and Android version are you using?

2019-05-26, 23:24
I made my own image for a oneplus 2 running oxygen os. So what ever terminal was installed from there. Nethunter-installer

2019-05-27, 05:30
Let me try to reproduce that. I'm currently running LOS16 on the OP2 but I can wipe it. Which OOS version are you running?

2019-05-29, 07:49
Sorry i forgot about this
I am running
OxygenOS 3.6.1
Android 6.0.1