View Full Version : The Store seems to be empty..

2019-09-18, 15:46
Hi Guys,

I downloaded and started the Nethunter App Store app on my android...
.. it started... it congratulated to me for having the most recent version...
but i do not see any application or any category in it :-(

may be ( or sure :-) ) that i am doing something wrong but
i have no any clue what could be wrong with the way i go ...

could you please help me somehow?

thanks in advance,

2019-09-19, 06:06
Oh, that shouldn't happen.
What happens when you go to settings and pull the slider "Over data" all the way to the right then refresh the categories?

2020-01-30, 10:22
I have the same issue. On first install, all the apps showed up, Kali, Kali Terminal, Rucky etc...
Now I open it and it's completely empty (on 3 devices)

2020-06-12, 03:26
I understand that I am pretty late to this discussion, but I would like to mention that I am having the same issue with the Nethunter App Store. It came up fine when I first flashed Nethunter to my OnePlus 7 Pro, then the next time I booted into it the Nethunter Store and Terminal weren't installed anymore.

I downloaded the app and installed from the official page, all the apps were there and I was able to reinstall the Nethunter Terminal from the app. Then the next time I booted into the device, all the apps were still installed but the the store app is empty.

I've tried reinstalling and re-flashing the Nethunter rom zip, but nothing seems to be working. I even switched the "over data" slider to the right.

If anyone had found a fix for this, I would be interested in the info.


2020-09-24, 14:19
Sorry if this reply was a bit late, but i had this issue this morning. I am over Wifi on 3.4.0-8.14-Re4son-3.5

I was able to fix this on a Magisk rooted Nexus 5. I had just flashed the phone a couple days prior and shut it off. When I booting it up today the Nethunter store stated the there was no new apps for 3 days. First I checked chroot in the Nethunter app/kali chroot manager. status was running.

After KILLING ALL the background apps and re-launching the Nethunter Store, there was a pending Nethunter App update notification and after Nethunter Store menus populated. Everything seems to be working in the store now.