View Full Version : Installing Kali Linux on a Droid X

2013-05-07, 03:23
Hey there folks,

First off, thanks for creating such a wonderful product, I've been using Backtrack for a long while now and I have found that is my favorite operating system. I have three computer systems, and though I have multiple operating systems on each of them, I find I use BT5R3 as my day-to-day operating system simply because I am most satisfied with it's performance and I find it handy to have all the tools at my fingertips that it comes loaded with. I am currently in the process of updating all my systems to Kali; so far I've only installed it

I have an old Droid X and I have heard that it is possible to install Linux on it; I would like to try and put Kali on there. I am ready to attempt this on my own, but I thought I would consult with you folks and see if anybody has any advice for me, or any warnings of pitfalls I may encounter on the way, or encouragement, success stories, etc.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information, and once again thanks for creating such a wonderful product.


2013-05-08, 10:45
You can try to install it and come back with your story :)