View Full Version : [Help] Live Cinnamon Kali Build Issue

2019-11-05, 16:14
The was able to get the ISO to be created, however when i test it in a the 2 Virtual Machines i have i get 2 diff problems. (the iso was built in a VM)
1. I select "Live" but an error shows in the bottom for less than a second and stays in the boot menu
2. The live starts loading but then i get an error of at the end
--{ end Kernel panic - not syncing: No working init found. Try passing init= option to kernel. See Linux Documentation/admin-guide/init.rst for guidance. ]---
also i see an error of
Failed to execute /init (error -2)

I am posting my config file..

Let me know if i need to post the log file from the ISO build. (i'll have to trim it or post a link to it since it 1 MB in size)

Update: Seems like every variant this happens with, even the default ones. I even tried reinstalling and doing everything from scratch with the same issue.
Issue resolved, was some stupid setting in my VM that was causing it.