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2019-11-20, 23:04
This is an Android NFC-App for reading, writing, analyzing, etc. Mifare Classic RFID-Tags and Mifare ultralight tags.
This tool provides several features to interact with Mifare Classic RFID-Tags and Mifare Ultralight RFID-Tags.
It is designed for users who have at least basic familiarity with the Mifare Classic technology.

- Read Mifare Classic tags

- Bruteforce key

- Save and edit the tag data you read

- Write to Mifare Classic tags (block-wise)

- Clone Mifare Classic tags

- Key management based on dictionary-attack

- Format a tag back to the factorydelivery state

- Write the manufacturer block of special Mifare Classic tags

- Create, edit and save key files (dictionaries)

- Decode & Encode Mifare Classic Value Blocks

- Decode & Encode Mifare Classic Access Conditions

- Compare dumps (Diff Tool)

- Display generic tag information

- Display the tag data as highlighted hex

- Display the tag data as 7-Bit US-ASCII

- Display the Mifare Classic Access Conditions as a table

- Display Mifare Classic Value Blocks as integer

- In-App (offline) help and information

- It's open source (GPLv3)

- Stealth Mode

- Read, Emulate and save Credit Cards

- BCC calculator

- Emulate any UID from a tag

************************************************** **********

Source code download : https://github.com/NokisDemox/MCT-bruteforce-key

Aptoide apk download : https://mct-bruteforce-mod.es.aptoide.com/?store_name=nokisdemox

Youtube video: https://youtu.be /KRuJgDQSMwk (just copy all of it and join the two parts)

2020-02-21, 14:42
Thanks for your great sharing. It helps me a lot

2020-03-25, 10:01
Thanks for your post, I downloaded this app.