View Full Version : New Kali metapackages.

2019-11-21, 17:43
Is there any chance you guys might start offering a full download again? I understand why you have done what you have done, but I reinstall or install Kali quite a lot I've got to say it takes forever and a day to update, dist upgrade then install kali-linux-everything form Kali Linux large. I'm not complaining just asking. I don't remember the other ones taking as long to set up. I mean the new metapackages are great for people with caps or with slow connections, but the set up time is tearing the *** out of me. I might be wrong there might not be a difference but if I'm remembering correctly 2019.01 and .02 I could have up and running two hours tops downloaded installed and updated. My computer is fast my internet is faster. I use my laptop now so I'm not tying up my desktop so yeah it's slower but I know it didn't take all night to do it before. If I'm remembering right and it is taking that much longer, would it cut down on the time if I used .01 or .02 then just updated and upgraded? It's the installing of all the tools that takes so long. Like I said I'm not complaining just wondering. You guys do a great job and probably get fed a lot of undeserved ****. I for one really appreciate what you guys do, I'm not a big enough **** to complain about an OS that's free. Look what Windows does to people and you have to pay for that ****. It's useless **** but that's besides the point. Please think about what I asked I mean if it's not any extra work for you guys and it doesn't screw up the site why not? That's just me though you guys know way more than me.