View Full Version : netdiscover not working under Kali 2019.4

2019-11-30, 15:26
Installed 2019.4 in VMWare (from .iso) and netdiscover command produces no results.

netdiscover -r -i eth0

Currently scanning: Finished! | Screen View: Unique Hosts

0 Captured ARP Req/Rep packets, from 0 hosts. Total size: 0
__________________________________________________ ___________________________
IP At MAC Address Count Len MAC Vendor / Hostname

Checked with previous version of kali and verified ability to use netdiscover and find clients/MACs on same LAN.

Any suggestions appreciated.

2019-12-25, 13:27
After doing some research and testing on this problem, it appears that the issue is in libpcap. Kali Rolling is installs libpcap0.8 (1.9.1-2) which is currently marked testing. I decided to use libpcap0.8 (1.8.1-6) which is stable. Installed using:

dpkg -i libpcap0.8_1.8.1-6_amd64.deb

netdiscover is now functional (note: I have not verified the impact of this on other installed tools/packages). Hopefully this will fix other issues folks are having with tools that rely on libpcap.

You can obtain the 1.8.1-6 version of libpcap here: libpcap0.8_1.8.1-6_amd64.deb (https://packages.debian.org/buster/amd64/libpcap0.8/download)

2020-05-19, 17:03
With the latest libpcap in Kali Linux this now works. (v 1.9.1-4)