View Full Version : 2019.2 App Store APK File

2019-12-02, 19:55
Anybody have access to the 2019.2 version of the Nethunter Store APK file?
Seems gone from bottom here - https://store.nethunter.com/en/packages/com.offsec.nethunter/

I assume they are tied to the installed NH version or there wouldn't be more than one.
I can only get 2019.2 working it seems.


Looks like the version of the app store APK doesn't matter after all...The 2019.3 version seems to work OK so far.
My bad.

2019-12-02, 21:46
Thanks for the update. I'm glad it's working.

2020-07-17, 12:05
updated version looks cool

2022-04-06, 10:09
i use blackberry Q10, hope will done

2022-04-28, 09:06
your black berry Q10 is still working?, I just got my broke bcz of my 3 years old child. He just trew it from the 3 floor... Now i have to buy new one, should i buy it from ebay??

2023-01-01, 15:35
OP, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I had to install the App Store as a standalone .apk to update the flashed version when I built my NH. My app store was originally throwing an error "Cannot update. Are you connected to the internet?", which prevented me from updating the NH app. Upon downloading the latest .apk for the store, I was able to progress. Cheers!