View Full Version : Razer phone 2

John Doe
2019-12-26, 02:11
Has anyone managed to download and successfully run the nethunter app from the store, on a razer phone 2? I've been googling for nethunter, in general, on new devices for months and can't seem to find anything. I thought the nethunter app store would solve everything but nethunter chroot and nethunter kernel are needed and... I'm a noob. I only found a post of someone trying to build a kernel for it, but other than that, nothing! :(

2020-01-05, 06:36
yea i gave it a shot never having made my own kernel i couldnt get it. ended up getting a one plus7 pro. and cracked the razors screen id rather it but theres no kernel since i failed and dont think anyone else is. try termux but dont think otg will work

2020-07-22, 06:27
I think this app is different then other app so this is harder to work on all Mobile set.

2020-11-29, 02:37
I heard the name of this never before and I think it is a bit harder to operate in all mobile sets.

2021-04-16, 12:01
I tried it for my mobile, unable to run it,