View Full Version : Installing apps from the store offline

2020-04-06, 10:46
How do I install apps from the store offline after downloading the app?

2021-03-29, 19:57
If the package is in home folder

$ pwd
$ cd home/name/
$ sudo dpkg -i namepackage.deb

Emiley bronte
2021-10-04, 14:27
How can I install the app offline

2021-12-13, 09:27
If the package is in home folder. (https://gbapps.net/gbwhatsapp-apk/)
I am also having the same issue with windows store and I have a number of games I installed through Microsoft Store, which do not show up in the Installed Programs in Config Panel, which means I cannot delete them that way. Finding those apps back in the Windows labyrinth is also next to impossible, so I'd like to ask you if your method would allow me to uninstall those apps more easily (or at all)?

2022-05-02, 18:08
Im a N00b when it comes to Linux and everything I'm learning but I downloaded the net Hunter apk in the App Store and I cannot get any of the apps to download is there a reason why that is happening can anybody help me out