View Full Version : How to tell what kernel version?

2020-04-15, 04:46
Right, so I downloaded the kernel source for LineageOS 16 for my OnePlus 1. I downloaded Kali NetHunter's Kernel builder. I'm trying to apply patches, but I have no clue what subversion of kernel I'm running, only that I have 3.x according to the README.

I am using this repo: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_kernel_oppo_msm8974.git , which is the one used by LineageOS when they build for OnePlus 1. I hope it is the correct one.

2020-04-15, 05:09
The Makefile contains the version. Yours is 3.4.113


2020-04-16, 02:49
You can also see your kernel version in the title of the menuconfig screen (Press "1" to get there).
It should say:

Linux/arm 3.4.113 Kernel Configuration