View Full Version : Please Introduce "Termux" instead of "NetHunter Terminal" !!!

2020-05-04, 17:23
Hi there NetHunter Team,

Is is possible to introduce termux instead of nh terminal because to the best of my knowledge the original project Jackpal Android Terminator located at "https://github.com/jackpal/Android-Terminal-Emulator" is already dead which also need some serious up-gradation as of now 2020. There is a lot of things needed to be done like copy, paste, share and so on.

But on the other hand a quite new terminal named "Termux" is coming to light which has more than everything till date on any android platform. So is it possible to replace your default terminal as Termux instead of NetHunter Terminal.


2020-05-05, 13:06
i second this opinion but instead of termux please take care of the bugs in NH-Term.
main issue i see is first load after a reboot is taking some time and another one is paste option.

2020-05-05, 23:29
Great idea. Mind raising a feature request in gitlab to keep it on our radar?
Many thanks.

2021-04-18, 21:08
I think the answer for your question is https://github.com/name-is-cipher/boot-nethunter .
Give it a star if it was useful.