View Full Version : Pocophone f-1 ?

2020-05-08, 15:23
I think this device has a ton of potential , it's easy to root and it has a considerable amount of power for the price it has (250?~) , but there are some problems with the nethunter installation , and usage of the tool itself , like for example : the rubber ducky function doesn't , metasploit doesn't , etc ; If anyone has a working nethunter install in their pocophone , please say how did you proceed to install it .:D

2020-06-24, 17:31
I have made a rom that has preinstalled nethunter apps (Modified them) and working hid. Rom is based on AOSIP Ten (Q) and kernel is based on crdroid (Q).
What works on there is listed on the link.
Telegram group: https://t.me/pwn_hunter_rom