View Full Version : (NOT WORK)Fixing KeX VNC Crash/Freeze/Panic

2020-05-12, 17:30
If your device freezing when start KeX, you need to upgrade some packages.
Here is solution:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade tightvncserver

Done guys..
Enjoy :)

Edit: Guys again it freezes :(
i using minimal chroot, i will test full now.

Edit2: guys all about desktop enviroment. i choosed one empty panel and it worked, no freezes.
@re4son i installed kali-desktop-kde and in config( installed rootfs nightly in build . nethunter.com kalifs latest) selected gdm3, all is done sir.
please add kali-desktop-kde to kali-linux-nethunter package.

edit3: i found the fix;


apt-get upgrade kali-desktop-xfce
apt full-upgrade -y
it worked :)) no freezesss ..
enjoy :)

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2020-05-12, 17:39
@re4son sir can you add tags? thanks.

silviuX SXG
2023-08-23, 17:29
For me still on crash...any solution?

silviuX SXG
2023-08-23, 17:48
I just found now, i use vncserver in terminal NetHunter add pass and same on kex and now work perfect 😜