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2020-05-20, 18:10
Hi Guys.

I am trying to setup headless Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi 4.

I was following the tutorial here:


to connect RPi to my WiFi by creating and putting wpa_supplicant.conf on boot partition. However RPi does not connect.

Is there any other way on Kali to setup fully headless RPi?

Thanks for any help.

2020-08-24, 01:54
I'm currently pulling my hair out with the exact same issue. Did you ever find a solution??

2020-08-24, 17:52
Unfortunately with Kali this will not work, you will need to either connect it via ethernet and use "nmtui" to connect it to a wifi network, or connect it to an actual monitor and connect it to a wifi network. It's something that I would like to get working in the future, but we use networkmanager, and raspbian does not, which is why it works for them. If someone wanted to work on doing the conversion of the raspbian stuff into what kali uses, and submit it as a pull request, that would be great, but for now, the 2 mentioned workarounds are required. Sorry.

2020-09-12, 13:56
Thanks steev for giving that bit of information. Now things makes sense. I got my wifi to work fine with networkmanager and able to ensure it connects on boot. But the built-in wifi on the RPi doesn't detect the 5.8Ghz. It only sees the 2.4GHz. Is that a limitation also of the current version of the Kali Linux distro?

2020-10-09, 08:56
I have been looking for solution for the same thing for days now. I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread.

2021-01-10, 00:40
Thanks. So I'll have to wait till I get a keyboard, or mount the image and edit the configuration manually?

2021-02-22, 17:49
RPI0W here... I added a USB wifi dongle, installed hostapd/dnsmasq, and set wlan0 as an AP. That allows me to always have access, and I can ssh in and deal with the wifi if I need to connect.

2021-05-17, 02:21
I'm currently waiting to download the latest Kali image for my Pi before I try this (https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?56814-Enabling-Remote-Desktop-and-SSH-access-to-Kali-(Updated-for-Kali-2020-4)) forum post method. I'll try to update in a day or so if it worked.

2021-05-18, 09:36
Thanks for sharing the info

2021-10-14, 14:54
Thanks. So I'll have to wait till I get a keyboard, or mount the image and edit the configuration manually?

You don't need a keyboard and monitor. Once you have put the image on the SD card go into the boot directory and create an empty file called ssh
That will enable ssh so you can plug into Ethernet and ssh to the PI.
From there I update and upgrade then install xrdp so I can access the gui.
It is still an annoyance to me that I can't get the wpa_supplicant to work despite all the online blogs that says it does.