View Full Version : I am having issues with screen blacking out randomly

2020-05-23, 20:11
Lately, I made my desktop a duel boot with Kali and Windows 10 on it. But after the installation I had problems with the screen where it would black out when clicking on a You tube video shown through Google, or just randomly like every 10 minutes. I have tried getting new graphics drivers, seeing if I need a new PSU, and I have tried re installing Kali. I think I need a custom image or something like that, and if that is the case can someone please provide a link for me to use to learn how that works.

P.S my specs are a radeon 5600XT, ryzen 7 3800x, 32 gb of ram, 1tb ssd, and a 650 watt 80 plus gold psu.

2020-07-17, 12:08
a lot of people facing such issue