View Full Version : Build commonalities on the OnePlus 6 vs OnePlus 7

2020-06-13, 05:54
I'm looking to purchase a new phone to be my nethunter device and I see that the OOP6 and 7 are the most active. I am following the kernel stats page and see that the OOP 6 has support for RTL8188EUS that the 7 does not support.
I understand the kernel version will be all over the place based on what is available for specific devices. It also seems like regardless of the kernel, capabilities are all over the place too.
I wanted to see if there is a better way to figure what phones to use for nethunter because it's changing so fast and seems like the only stat is twitter.

2020-06-13, 06:29
The OP6 is an unofficial build and has yet to be tested. RTL8188EUS support has been reported by the developer but has not been verified.
The OP7 build is the top of the shelf NetHunter device and supports all functions. RTL8188EUS will be added as soon as it is proven to work. So far I have not been able to compile it without conflicting with RTL8812AU.

You can find a list of recommended devices here:
https://kalilinux.gitlab.io/nethunter/build-scripts/kali-nethunter-devices/nethunter-images.html (https://kalilinux.gitlab.io/nethunter/build-scripts/kali-nethunter-devices/nethunter-images.html)

Hope that helps.

2020-06-13, 18:00

2020-06-14, 00:13
I would hold off on getting the OP7T for now. There is no fully working twrp yet available for it and that'll make it extremely finicky to install NetHunter.