View Full Version : OnePlus 7 Pro 5g Sprint variant kernel

2020-06-27, 14:54
I don't ever post here and I've usually prided myself and not having to ask anyone on a specific task. This time I'm going to.

Has anyone had luck building for the 5G Sprint variant? I've talked to a few other developers who have worked with myself porting ROMs and whatnot, since the initial unlocking of the bootloader for this specific phone and they believe it's a simple as changing few values in the existing nethunter files for the 7 pro.

Is that truly the case? Or is it just not possible to have it on the sprint 5G? Any guidance would be appreciated at this point. I really keep coming back to this every now and then when I find time but to no avail. Would love to get this going so that I could share it with others who are likely having the same issue.

Thank you in advance.