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2020-06-28, 20:16
Hello, I wanted to let you know about my latest work.
A word generator that benefits from my own algorithm named rain.
It breaks pure bruteforce method as markov chain does.
As I implemented it into john the ripper I ran some tests and it breaks more passwords than incremental mode (under certain conditions: see https://github.com/openwall/john/pull/4410).
It does handle multiple lengths, and is supposed to be run with an hybrid mask containing the same characters than the set, whether you use john or pipe this software to it.

The software zhou as present on github is only pointing to my fork of john the ripper now, and has been moved to https://github.com/e2002e/rainycrack
It implements the final method that I have been looking for during 3 years (and that was still not correct at the time where I posted this),