View Full Version : Installing Kali on ESXi using VM Download

2013-03-13, 22:26
If you do not want to do "Fresh" ISO install of Kali onto your ESXi (or any other paid VMWare environment for that matter), you can use the 32bit -> Gnome -> VMWare download.

1.) Download the Kali VMWare Tarball
2.) Extract files from 3.0Gig tarball to local drive (expands to 8.0Gig)
3.) Start the "VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone" tool (downloaded from VMWare directly, must register to download)
4.) Click "Convert Machine" from upper left side of windows - the wizard appears
5.) Follow steps to choice the VMX file from folder where you extracted image and choice the ESXi server on your network you wish to deploy to.

Takes about 30min. depending on network speeds.

NOTE: Yes, you could just do ISO image and it would probably be faster, but this is not for you, it is for people that REALLY want to deploy the provided VMWare image!!