View Full Version : Restoring NetworkManager Functions After the "airmon-ng check kill" Command

2020-09-01, 11:49
The airmon-ng program in the aircrack suite of tools has a method of disabling NetworkManager thru the command

airmon-ng check kill

However there is no method of restoring NetworkManager functions thru airmon-ng.

Attached is a short script which restores NetworkManager functions.

Place the program in /Home/Kali/

Make the program executable thru the command

sudo chmod 755 sudo chmod 755 restorenetwork.sh

Run the program by entering

sudo ./restorenetwork.sh

or place in /root/ and run fom there

Musket Teams

2021-02-11, 20:00
just remap `systemctl start NetworkManager` to any desired command in your bashrc