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2020-10-30, 09:29
Musket Teams(MTeams) are releasing Handshakeharvest-2020-7.0.sh and airmulticrack7.sh tools for general use by the Kali Community.

MTeams have taken a different tactical approach to cracking WPA PSK encrypted networks. Rather then spend long periods of time attempting to crack a single network with large wordlists, it was decided to try gathering large numbers of cap files from many sites and look for networks with weak encryption keys using common-wordlists and numeric patterns together with any essidprobe lists collected from the local area by varmacscan, VMR-MDK or handshakeharvest. To do this practically however would required automated processes both in collection and decryption. It was decided to produce programs that would automatically collect .cap files and process them without much input from the user.

For collection, as the hcxdumptool was available, it was incorporated along with the aircrack-ng suite in a combined arms package. The first simple beta tests of this combo caught us by surprise. The Beta was started and left running overnight. In the morning the automated process obtained over 50 cap files many with PMKIDs. Furthermore the weak candidate facility in hcxdumptool broke a number of networks on the first pass.

Running tests against 50 cap files can be a labor intensive process. To solve this MTeams wrote the airmulticrack7.sh tool. All cap files collected by handshakeharvest are sent to a specific folder in a specific filename sequence. This allows airmulticrack7.sh to attack multiple .cap files with any wordlist selected by the user automatically. There are several attack options available and a log file of all operations is kept for historical reference.

Extensive readme is included in the zip package below:

The attached zip file contains

1. airmulticrack7.sh
2. handshakeharvest-2020-7-0.sh
3. handshakeharvest-airmulticrack7-readme.txt

The zip package contains the updated file as listed below


2020-11-02, 14:00
Corrects a bug when putting device in monitor mode due to change in airmon-ng output from wlan1mon to wlan1 etc


2020-11-08, 23:19
Excuse me, Where is the files attached ?

2020-11-08, 23:21
Sorry i was in mobile style where no view of attached files, ty i found it.

2020-11-11, 18:07
well im gonne give it a try some day .