View Full Version : Why is my Kali Linux slow on virtual machine

2020-11-11, 01:28
I recently installed Kali Linux on my window 10 with 2GB ram but I always I have a problem with it whenever I start running Kali Linux my window which is working perfectly will start running slowly and the Kali Linux itself
How can I make it run faster..?

Fred Sheehan
2022-07-22, 09:57
Windows 10 will use at least 1.25 GB RAM in x86 version, and about 1.6 GB for x64 version, and that's just to be loaded and running, this means as soon as you launch a VM you have no memory left either for Kali to have any swap space, or Windows to have any free memory, so everything will crawl.

Answer get more RAM and if you only have a dual core CPU then run Kali from a Live USB and have all the resources available for Kali, both cores and the 2 GB RAM and it will run OK.
(note: more RAM is always better if you can upgrade it)

2022-11-16, 17:09
It depends if the host and guest have the same architecture (intel vs arm). Also check in your BIOS if you have all virtualization parameters enabled, so it's virtualized by hardware and not software.