View Full Version : Galaxy Tab S4 -> Pie or Ten support

2020-11-16, 14:54

I wanted to upgrade my nethunter device and bought a T830 (wifi only) thinking i could downgrade OS as simple as i would on my nexus devices.... haha, joke is on me. Now that i know that downgrading to oreo is impossible, i want to know if there is any development going on for pie or ten for this device and if so, if i can help in any way (i can probably test at least).
I wrote samsung several times to get the source code of the kernel for pie or ten but no luck so far. i checked kernel versions with the ones posted in gitlab and the oreo version seems the same as the ones por ten, but maybe im just a noob and understood incorrectly.

how can i help or even start this project? anyone willing to mentor me in the task?