View Full Version : Installing Kali 1.0.3 using static IP-address?

2013-05-10, 12:20

I'd like to install Kali (1.0.3 amd64) in a network segment where no DHCP-server is available. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to assign a static IP-address during Kali-installation. From what I see on the console Kali tries getting an IPv4 and IPv6 address, but once it fails getting one it only ask for the address of the DNS-server(s), hostname and domain-name - but not for IP-address.

Installation then runs up to the point where Kali asks about the package mirror but without having an IP-address it obviously can't reach any mirror.

So my question: How can I assign a static IP-address during installation?

Thanks much in advance for your help,

2013-05-10, 14:51

when get your boot screen, select "Graphical Install" then choose your langage, select your location, configure your keyboard...

at this point click cancel


then continue


you will get this screen


Just select configure network manually and continue

2013-05-11, 17:08
Do no t use graphical installation, use normal text installation (advance mode), and you will be asked to configure network manually, also the same with other aspects of OS..One piece of advice, when using debian, try to avoid as much as possible any graphical installation option, whether is an app or os installation.

You can also add parameters to allow the network configuration auto=disable and use manual configuration. Need to read the specs to it.


2013-05-13, 13:45
Thanks much - your tips got me going... ;-)