View Full Version : Build.py and Devices.cfg

2021-01-24, 08:30
Alright, it took a while due to some roadbumps, but I did all the prep work to run build.py.
Bootstrap.sh ran successfully.
Generic kernel is in place.
Device added to devices.cfg, alphabetically.
I run
python build.py
Error: Could not read devices/devices.cfg! Maybe you need to run ./bootstrap.sh?

I've done it as root and not. I've run bootstrap twice. I've gone over the code for everything. I'm not very well-versed in debugging software, so my efforts there probably weren't great. However, nothing I try gets Build.py to read devices.cfg.

Please advise, I'm at my wits end. Thanks.

2021-08-05, 01:09
you run python, just type: "python3 build.py --help"