View Full Version : USB wifi not seen in Kali on VMWare Workstation

2021-03-03, 23:56
I have been working on getting my linux VM to recognize my Realtek RTL8812AU as a WIFI source. I have gone through probably 20 different tutorials from youtube to these very forums.
Most options/troubleshooting I've seen are for virtualbox. I'm using VMWare Workstation. This could be the problem.

Using: Kali 2021.1 Rolling release
Vmware workstation 15.5.7

I have tried installing the drivers, restarting, restarting while card is unplugged then plugging it in,

The furthest I get is # lsusb shows that the "Realtek RTL8812AU [...]" is plugged in as a USB device. I can't get linux to see that the USB is actually not just a USB device but is a wifi card. Has anyone gotten this far and knows what the heck is going on? I feel like I'm super close...

Let me know if you need more information about this build. I try not to include 10 pages of info.

Thanks in advance.