View Full Version : We really need some improvement for Nethunter Terminal

2021-03-09, 02:21
Hello! its my first time in here 👋👋

Here an example of things that need to be improved on NH Terminal:

1. NH Term is having a problem when do tab changing, its sometimes the apps force closed (w/o showing an error message) and sometimes the shell is messed up, and in the end we need to restart the apps/shell to fix it up.

Ex1 - The apps force closed
Ex2 - The shell is messed up: https://streamable.com/delyhi

2. NH Term cursor is just outdated, (You need to move the cursor using vol+- button or < ^ > v using a function button and ofcourse its waste of my f*ck*ng time to just move it) and meanwhile on termux and andrax we can just slide the screen to move the cursor.

Ex1 - Termux (Recommended)

3. NH Term's concept of copy paste is not so simple, (when you tap and hold the screen, its pop up a menu called "Edit text") and there's a 5 menu, one of them is select text and copy all. can we just have a simple copy/paste like any android should be (like tap -> hold and there's a highlight to select a text to copy) or the dev can take an examples of termux.

Ex1 - NH Terminal
Ex2 - Termux (Recommended)

in short: NH Terminal flexibility and simplicity is need to be improved.

I hope the dev is heard and answer my thoughts on this. :)